Links, Tips, Leads, and Nuggets of Golden Info

NYTimes piece on end-of-life care, following the ‘death panels’ GOP spin in 2009….

UK piece on online wills.

SF End-of-Life network 

Legacy video production site/service called

Piece from Feb 27th in the Huffington Post about end-of-life care

Study on the cost of end-of-life care in the US

WSJ piece on how doctors know better than to not have a plan…..and know about ‘futile’ lifesaving care

Lifesquare intends to securely transmit essential health information to medical professionals in an emergency

Piece on green burials and environmental impact of traditional burials including nice infographic

Law firm in Saratoga that does ‘e-trusts’ – came across this as an ad in my gmail!

Advanced medical directive initiatives state-by-state including standardized colored forms

Funeral Consumers Alliance – national – ‘consumer reports’ of funeral business

Wall Street Journal piece – 25 documents you need before you die

CMA (California Medical Association)’s Advance Directives doc piece on Betsy and Alan Carpenter – advance directives advocates: “Advocates prefer advance directives to living wills or durable powers of attorney because they are more specific.”

California Healthcare Foundation poll summary that was the basis of the Forum piece.


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