Does Our Site Demonstrate Our Expertise In Legacy Planning?

I spoke with a couple who have children and have rather extensive “legacy plans” that they put into place around the time their children were born.  They enlisted the services of a lawyer who helped them compile the following documents.

1. Will   2. Living Will   3. Healthcare Proxy   4. Power of Attorney

During the interview, the husband was much more well versed than his wife in what documents they had created with their lawyer several years back. During the interview, the husband educated his wife and reviewed the details of their plans.  (This was interesting and affirmed that our tool helps with starting the conversation)

During the interview, after establishing an understanding of their current legacy planning, I gave them a tour of our system, explaining the features we were considering.  They were a little skeptical that our tool would benefit them and explained that they have a copy of their documents as do their lawyers.  They mentioned that they even have a agendum to their will that gets down the item level details. (affirmation that this is an important feature that must include)

In response, I told them that our service would serve as a safe repository for the documents they had created with their lawyer.  They agreed that this would be valuable and when I showed them our site, I lost credibility because we did not have a place for them to store the exact documents they already have.  Our site did not demonstrate sufficient domain expertise because we did not reference their current understanding of legacy planning.

We should probably include our basic checklist feature that we spoke about earlier in the semester.


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