JD – Web developer

We’ve spent some time trawling through cofounder matching sites, including founderdating.com and techcofounder.com. We’ll be able to put up a working product ourselves, but not with the degree of professionalism we would ultimately like, and probably not with the scalability we hope we will need!

I spoke with JD last weekend, as he responded positively to the description of our idea when I contact him. We spoke about the idea in general, and of course, he had a personal story that made the idea even more compelling to him. He had thoughts about digital assets as well, and some good feedback on our we might reach people. 

He is not currently in a position to work full time with us, but offered some advice on scaling and security, both of which were important pointers. Specific to scaling, he understood the idea and what it would need, so that is helping us this week to validate our cost model. Specifically, he had the insight to understand that this is not a site that subscribers are going to come visit on a daily basis – the value is in the stored plan and notification preferences. As such, he thought that we could probably support up to a million accounts and probably not go above a single server….So, taking that with a grain of salt, we’re doing to 10x that for our cost/scale estimates. JD knows something about this – he’s currently working for a well-known site that handles video management for videos that twitter users post. 


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