Is our website professional looking? Trustworthy? Conveys the message?

I followed up with my first round of earlyvangelists from week 2 with a survey focusing on whether our mockup website looked professional, trustworthy, and whether it conveys the message we’re trying to send or not. We also asked them whether they thought the institutions we’ve shown as ‘partners’ or ‘trusted’ partners at the bottom of the site sent the right or the wrong message…Part of our hypothesis is that the reason these amazing institutions haven’t been able to do more around end-of-life education planning is that they are too……institutional.

All of the respondents said that the institutions cited added credibility to the site, and one emphasized that he wouldn’t spend any time or money on the site until he had researched it thoroughly and validated it’s credibility through alternative sources. All respondents also said the site looked very professional – some suggested making the look/feel a bit more serious – I think there were too many happy smiling people in the photos that headline the site. They also all said that it properly conveyed the message we had articulated in interviews previously.

Lastly, those who said they would pay something preferred the one-time option, and one suggested $50 one-time, and another said $399 sounded reasonable. Good feedback!


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