43 Year Old Daughter in Charge of Her Parents (in late 60s) EOL Planning

I interviewed Jamie (43 year old) a mother of 3 with divorced parents.  She is the eldest of her siblings (and the only daughter) and is the de facto responsible child to take care of her parents when they age.

The Trigger – 7 years ago her husband’s mother died and that triggered the creation of a will and DNR for herself and her husband.

Jamie and her relationship to her parents’ EOL Planning

  • Jamie’s dad has given her a folder with copy of will and other documents
  • Before the time of our conversation Jamie had never looked in the folder
  • Together during the interview she looked through it for the 1st time and need to talk to her husband (who handles administrative major things) to explain what she was looking at
  • She believes her mother has many of the necessary documents but she has not seen any of them

Jamie believes that a tool that does the following would be very useful.

  • A list/coach of all the things that should be considered for comprehensive EOL planning
  • A safe, online storage place for her parents to keep the documents
  • Yearly updates to explain any changes in law that are pertinent to eol planning (i.e. trust laws changing or new technology for eol care)

In terms of willingness to pay.  Jamie would be willing to pay 50 per year for secure storage.  She thinks that anything less than 25 per year would be questionable in terms of its trustworthiness.  She would expect a family discount for multiple users.  She also expects to pay a one-time setup fee (using as an analogy the service the preserved her recently born children’s umbilical cord blood.)


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