Tom Beddingfield – Funeral Director

I spoke today with Tom Beddingfield of Beddingfield Funeral Service in San Jose – he was a referral from Trisha Merriam, the green burial advocate and home funeral planner.

The problem we are positing wasn’t immediately obvious to him – he didn’t think the lack of planning was a huge problem, and said that he had no direct experience with conflicts between what someone had pre-planned, and what the family ultimately wanted, although he admitted that it was certainly possible. He raised the potential of someone pre-planning, but not pre-funding their funeral, and that if their next of kin didn’t want to pay for an elaborate funeral they planned, the next of kin could decide to have them cremated instead. He wasn’t suggesting that this was common or vindictive on the part of the next of kin – just the reality of pre-planning without pre-funding…

Towards the end of our discussion, Tom admitted that families who had pre-planned typically had less of a burden in terms of decision making and planning – but, he added that there are many memorial services which were not planned and go very smoothly. He said less than 10% of people pre-plan, and that the youngest people pre-plan is in their 50’s.

Lastly, he said that if what we were offering was compelling, he might be interested in helping endorse it, and might show it to his clients.



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One Response to Tom

  1. Bhavik Joshi says:

    You guys need to check out this new start up addressing care givers. There may be a connection between this service and yours….key partners.

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