Class 4 – A lively discussion

Summary of the feedback

  • Jerry doesn’t believe we can or should compete with LegalZoom, RocketLawyer, or NoloPress
  • Jerry also wants us to think more carefully about our life event segmentation and believes that the biggest value is to people with parents in their 80s.
  • MVP doesn’t actually mean Minimum Viable Product. It means Meaningful Value Proposition – demonstrate with the least amount of effort that customers will buy your product. For us that means we don’t actually need to build the full site. We should build landing pages and the output of a legacy plan to start with.
  • Show the Venn diagram of where we fit into the space next week.
  • Our channel box is totally wrong



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One Response to Class 4 – A lively discussion

  1. leanjericho says:

    I realize that your service is differentiated from what I’m about to say, but I thought this “company” might be worth a look.

    – Kevin

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