Lawyer #2 Hates Our Idea

It’s a good thing I started Friday off on such positive note with the rabbi in Oakland, because the two conversations with lawyers have totally rejected our referral model.

First of all, our idea isn’t that original. Docu-bank provides 24-7 online access to advance medical directives. It’s primarily sold through estate lawyers. Lawyer #2 (Gigi) didn’t think much of the service. No one really needs documents in the middle of the night according to her. You can almost always find them if they’ve been created…

She also hates the idea of checklists and would not want to accept clients from referrals. She has plenty of word of mouth referral business. She doesn’t have to market. Everyone knows they have to do this… and sooner or later they walk in her door. (However 55% of Americans don’t have wills so most don’t walk in her door)

She hates dealing with documents created by LegalZoom or RocketLawyer since they are so simplistic and miss many of the important aspects of a particular situation

Your X’s are on the way Bhavik.


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