Grandma’s stuff…

This is my friend Ben. He loved our idea and spent 20 minutes telling about how challenging his grandmother’s passing was for his family.

His father was one of 5 siblings and grandma died without a will or trust in place. So they had not only the full experience of probate but also the added challenge of dividing the stuff among that many children and grandchildren.

His father was named the executor and spent 9 months going through the courts and dealing with bureaucracy. When I asked him about what he wanted in the service, he said that his family would want an easy place to catalog all the stuff and divide most of it up ahead of time. He also said that having those discussions ahead of time might have caused as many problems as they solved. But the basic plan would probably have been a net positive.

He also wanted a memories side of the service. He wanted pictures and videos of grandma. He suggested a 2 section website. One side is simply called ‘The Plan’; the other is ‘Memories’.

– Rick


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One Response to Grandma’s stuff…

  1. Bhavik Joshi says:

    Wow – looks like the customer segments are speaking out in loud and clear terms of what they think about your value proposition. Without the referral business, your TAM and SAM reduce even further. I can also sense a big red X on the horizon. Time to revisit the business model canvas.

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