Finally a lawyer!

Ron is an up market estate attorney and it’s super unlikely that we’ll  be able to attract his clientele…

  • But for simple wills & estates we should be able to meet 80-90% of the need
    • 90% of estates are less than $1M (key trigger point for death tax)
    • estates @ $5M or more is .4% of the population and are not our target
    • So CPAs are largely unnecessary for us
    • We just need to set the parameters of who we can serve
    • Maybe better to die without a will… I don’t totally understand why that is.
      • If you die without a will you have an estate plan. The state provides one for you. State mandated process. (Can we sell it this way? It’s scary…)
  • He doesn’t like checklists because their faces reveal the real truth. He needs face to face since his clients have more complexity

Marketing concept: If you die without a will, the state automatically provides a plan  for you. But is that the plan you want??

  • Estate planning for the older crowd is totally different than young people
    • under 40 won’t think about it
    • over 60 probably aren’t interested in online
    • He doesn’t even worry about marketing to young people cause he can’t get their attention
  • Most people haven’t thought through the implications of legal or physical incompetence, most important reason to have a plan for many people
    • If you become incompetent, you want that plan in place beforehand


  • Personal property is the biggest cause of fights
    • What do the kids get and how do you divide the stuff
    • When you get to a business, you have a different set of considerations (to complex, bounce to estate attorney)

When I asked Ron about how he bills his clients, he told me that for a high end client with a 10 million dollar estate, he typically charges 5-10k to handle the process. His firm does not referrals.



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