K. F. and some solid advice

This is K.F.

She lives on the east coast and loved the idea for our site. She and her husband are a power couple and already has all their planning documents in place. However, if anything happened to her and her husband, no one would know which lawyer to contact or where any of the accounts are. She would be willing to pay $20 / year just to have the information managed in one place and able to be distributed to her designees when necessary. But she was pretty clear that she wouldn’t be looking for referrals from the internet. People in her income bracket have those advisers or know how to get them.

Her sister on the other hand probably represents the other end of the spectrum in terms of both wealth and preparedness for EOL scenarios. She’s also married with kids and just needs to get the basics set up easily and inexpensively. She’d never speak to lawyer or other service provider. However, if we could convince little sis of the need while providing the solution we could probably grab a customer.

So once again the referral network doesn’t seem to fit either customer group. Both would want data storage, one would want online document creation.

I feel big red Xs coming soon…




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