Greg S. and marketing to CPAs

Doanh and I had a phone interview with Greg S., an experienced marketer with deep hooks in the CPA community (another Jerry referral).

He gave us a bunch of good advice about how to connect with CPAs if we want to. He also offered to make some really high quality referrals when we are ready to try and pick up a nationwide referral network in one place. We’re not ready for that. However, his advice about the consumer side of the business was interesting. Here are the bullets…

Marketing to CPA firms ->

  • Variety of established ways to get to CPAs (AICPA, IMA, CIMA, AFP)
  • Intacct: Saas General ledger solution
    • 50% of their business through the AICPA
    • CPA2Biz (technology arm of AICPA) could provide our nationwide network of CPAs if we want to go that route. (We’re not ready yet)
  • Could provide referrals to an estate planning lawyer and a geriatric doctor

His consumer POV

  • Early 40s no will or estate plan yet (although he knows he should)
    • He would like to do a Living Trust himself. Doesn’t want to pay for in person service. His needs are not complex.
    • He would try an online tool if it were simple and affordable. He is very price sensitive. (<$1000)
    • He would not want to pay for our data storage model service, but he would pay for the document creation.
    • He was a big proponent of the freemium model.
3 customers in a row saying the referral network isn’t valuable.
– Rick & Doanh

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