Competitive analysis pit stop

We’ve been doing online reconnaissance and competitive analysis on and off for the past few weeks – ultimately, we believe what we’re offering will be considered a new market, because the isolated pieces of the big picture of end-of-life services that have gone online, have stayed isolated. There is no clear attempt to solve the problem we’re attempting to solve at the level we’re trying to solve it, and no equivalent value proposition that we’ve come across. The genuine interest in having this problem solved, and the fact that our interviews have yielded no similar solution, reinforce the fact that this is currently an unsolved problem. Additionally, some non-profits solve aspects of this problem, but most are focused on a specific aspect of advocacy or planning.

There is a single website which we discovered that has some strong similarities (at least superficially) to what we hope to provide, but we didn’t know much about them…until they went on ABC’s Shark Tank last week, told us how many users they have (7K), how much money they’ve made in the three years they’ve been around ($0) as well as the depth of their value proposition.  Ultimately, they seem much more focused specifically on ensuring that you can plan your memorial service the way you want. You can see them present their business on episode 306 of Shark Tank.


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