I met Trisha this morning, and she was the first person I’ve met from the service provider side of things – she helps and advises people with home funeral planning and green burial. She gave us some great leads, and says she thinks that “one of the kindest gifts you can give your family is allowing them to go through the process of grief without being interrupted to answer questions they don’t even confidently have the answers to”. She believes that other service providers, in the traditional and non-traditional space, would be open to opportunities that increase their exposure and get them qualified leads on customers, as long as it didn’t appear that we were competing with them.

She pointed me to several key resources that we’ll now have to spend some time looking into – these are all non-profits:

She gave me some information on green burials, and some resources in the bay area as well including Fernwood in Mill Valley which is a green burial site that permits burials without the use of embalming fluid, or non-biodegradeable caskets.



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