Eric responded to a query I sent to an internal list at Google, and generously offered to recount the problems he faced in settling the estate of his deceased father – a 6 year process – in hopes of helping others avoid similar issues….

He had lots of great, specific feedback, much of which we hadn’t considered before. But, before doing that, he offered that having a checklist would have been a huge help…That’s directly in line with our proposal, so good to get that validation right up front.

Eric had to request in court that he be named executor of his father’s estate, because the named executor declined to serve that role. He suggested that lots of good information would be really valuable – ensuring that executor of the estate understands that the debts of the estate are not the debts of the executor for example.

His list of items that should be captured in a checklist were in line with many of items in the draft lists we’ve been working on. His wife’s family wanted to inventory their belongings for proper disposition, and solved this themselves using a spreadsheet with photos attached, which is in line with what others have told us about the value of such a inventory function.

Eric emphasized that he learned that wills should be simple, he was advised of this, and suggests we emphasize that to people as well…Great advice.



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