Up In the Air…

You can find a customer anywhere.

I was on a flight to LA seated next to a woman in business class. I made comment about the blackberry case on her phone. She asked about my work. Eventually the conversation drifted to Berkeley, my MBA, and eventually The Legacy Project. (She’s 47, married, 2 kids.

She immediately mentioned that she had just lost a brother a few weeks back. The pain and process were awful for her and her family. The complications of donating his body to science and the uncertainty of how that process worked created a great deal of uncertainty while they were trying to organize a burial in 24-48 hours (She’s from a Jewish family). A plan from her brother about what to expect would have been great. But any resource that could have helped her through this process would have been helpful.

But the thing she was most interested in was advice and support about starting the conversation with her family. There are complicated relationships involved, and she has very specific wishes that she’s like to discuss with her kids and with her mother. If our business wants to fundamentally change the conversations around death, we’ll probably need to go beyond just the planning tool and find ways to support the conversation. Additionally, we talked about Yom Kippur as a potential yearly trigger for Jewish users. ‘The Day of Atonement’ is associated with the idea of ‘putting your house’ in order and preparing for death.

– Rick


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