Sofia is another parent at my children’s school, and responded to my query with interest in our idea. We met at Bumble on Monday morning – the new family-friendly cafe in downtown Los Altos. She was generally very supportive of the idea, thought that pre-planning was very important, and welcomed the idea of an online service to help. Her primary concerns were guardianship of her two children. She has a will that was done through legalzoom, but hasn’t completed the healthcare proxy aspects. She doesn’t feel satisfied with this as a solution, as she sees many other details that should be captured, but thinks it’s better than nothing.

She thought that a checklist and a place to plan, even if incomplete, similarly is better than no plan at all, and a good way to get started.

For more detailed estate planning, she felt that online to start to get organized would be good, but that ultimately she would want to speak to someone face-to-face to walk them through the process. Tellingly, she reinforced our theory that people avoid working out a plan (in this case, living trust, specifically) partly because of the cost and complexity of doing it through lawyers or traditional estate planners. As with many of the other people we’ve talked to, her extended family (through her husband) extends outside of the US, and if there were ways to address the myriad concerns that can arise with internationally extended families, that would be desirable.



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