Stories and Stuff

One of the issues that has brought up in almost every meeting is what happens to the stuff after someone dies. The process of cataloging an estate’s items and then distributing them appropriately is a major hassle. And frequently, the specifics have not been covered in a living trust or estate plan.

My friend M.L. brought up a couple of other issues regarding the stuff. M.L. has a collection of classic guitars that he’s been collecting and playing for his entire adult life. Some of them are worth thousands of dollars. Others are worthless. His wife or children would have no idea how to tell the difference. Additionally, M.L. would like to be able to attach a story to some of the guitars and pass that on to his kids. We started brainstorming on features for the assets catalog…

  • Pre-populated lists to select your item from (think about your monthly charges listing in
  • Ability to upload associated document (receipts, proof of ownership or registration, etc)
  • Ability to attach a photo to an item so you can distinguish it from other items in the same category. Even cooler is if you can just snap a cellphone picture and text or email it right into the site.

– Rick


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