Better than I thought

This is my friend J.

J was one of the first people I told about my interest in end of life planning when I first starting thinking about the concept 4 years ago. Back then the idea was more about event planning and great memorial videos. J referred to it as my ‘fun funeral’ business. He has made fun of that business idea since the day I told him…

This weekend I told him about the revised concept: a comprehensive planning tool to help organize the administrative process, foster communication, and provide peace of mind. For the first time, I had a really fruitful, supportive, intelligent conversation about this topic with J. I had expected him to be our first negative reaction.

However, he was still lukewarm on the idea for his family. His parents are a bit older than most. In fact, his dad is over 80. So his parents have had plenty of time to plan most of their wishes. His dad is really well organized so the paperwork is all there in a file. His parents would never go online for this. So his family is not a good target for our planning product. However, despite the organization, J said he’ll immediately start Googling what to do once a parent actually dies.

A few insights here…

  • Older folks are more likely to have things pretty well planned
  • Too old and they’ll never go online
  • SEO for after death market could be an effective marketing strategy



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