Mrs. Tanaka

Mrs. Tanaka is a close friend of my wife’s, and a parent at our childrens’ school. She had great interest in the Legacy concept, but for a very particular use-case. This is the second time we’ve heard this in our interviews. Mrs. Tanaka is originally from Japan – her daughter was born there, but her son was born in the US. She’s worried that if she and her husband were to die, her son would become ‘property of the state’ and it would be impossible for her brother (who is back in Japan) to take her son back to Japan. She has done some research into ensuring this is possible, but doesn’t know exactly where to start, and is afraid that declaring this legally is complicated and expensive. Mrs. Tanaka would be very comfortable making these declarations on a website, but would want to know the organization has the right accreditation and/or authority to do so.

We talked a bit about cultural differences in death and funerals between Japan and the US and how cremation practices in the US aren’t inline with Japanese tradition – she wonders if there’s a way to accommodate them here in the US? She also turned me on to a funeral home that offers cremation insurance out of San Fran, targetted to Chinese Americans in San Francisco.

We also talked about the difference between your personal expectations for your last wishes, and those your family members have for you….a common theme with almost everyone we talked to.



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