Miles Spencer was my first boss, and arguably one of the true pioneers of helping entrepreneurs on the internet. Back in 1996, he was distributing the only worthwhile business plan template on the internet, and grilling entrepreneurs on their business plans on TV.  Moneyhunt was a startup reality show before there were startups or reality shows…My career in tech would not have been possible without the summer internships I did at Moneyhunt during my undergrad, nor the year I consulted for Moneyhunt after I got my bachelors.

I couldn’t start this endeavor without at least getting in touch – Miles had some great points when we chatted by phone today, and may have some contacts for us down the line.

He said precisely what M.I. told Rick, about key points in your life when people will be open to thinking about end-of-life planning. And, when I suggested that life insurance policyholders may represent our TAM, he countered that they may be the ones who we can get referral fees from – not the local funeral home industry which is probably happy with the volume they’re getting, and the little (if anything) they’re paying to get it…. (are we missing a key issue here? Do local funeral homes not need to advertise???)



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