An estate plan is not enough….

I met Simona this morning at the Starbucks in Rancho in Los Altos. She has an estate plan she and her husband put together about 10 years ago. It’s a paper document, and the attorney who put it together is no longer in the area. If she wanted to update it, she wouldn’t easily know what to do aside from starting over, or getting a new attorney to look at it. It’s also focused exclusively on financial aspects of the estate, but she is very interested in formalizing the non-financial aspects of an end-of-life plan.  She tried to drop hints to her husband that she thought they should complete it, following the passing of a close friend, but it’s yet to happen. “If I could do it online, it would be done by now….”

Simona was receptive to the idea of putting sentimental items up as a ‘portfolio’ (her word, which I really like!) with stories, and directives attached.

Feeling that these things were ‘settled’ (financial and non-financial aspects of end-of-life wishes) sounded like the most valuable part of such a service…

At the end of our chat, Simona asked if I’d yet to come across the ‘Coffin Cartel’ which she heard about on NPR – I searched around for this, found several references to it on the web, but couldn’t find the original – I did find this….To be continued. Thanks Simona!



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