Meanwhile….INSIDE the building….


The team, hard at work, putting together our hypothesis, and turning them into interview scripts – our main customer hypotheses:

  • There are people out there who want to create an end of life plan, but don’t know how. We can unlock latent demand simply by providing a roadmap and putting it online for everyone.
  • Potential customers are savvy enough with technology and open to the idea of planning something as intimate and personal as their end of life wishes online.
  • Customers may have arranged certain aspects of their end-of-life wishes, but they have not organized everything and are not sure they have a plan that covers everything.

How do we test these hypotheses? Talk to earlyvangelists, or potential earlyvangelists to validate….

    • Test 1: People recognize that it’s a problem or a need.
    • Test 2: People would be willing to do an EOL plan online
    • Test 3: People would be willing to pay for an organized plan
      • Test 3a: subscription data model
      • Test 3b: services only (would pay for will, medical directives, etc) but not plan storage/maintenance fees
    • Test 4: How would you want your plan to be executed?
      • Option A: Deliver your plan to loved one or friend for them to execute
      • Option B: Legacy executes as many of your plan wishes as possible ‘automagically’


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One Response to Meanwhile….INSIDE the building….

  1. Keval Desai says:

    May want to leverage young adults (25-35) to get their parents to start thinking/acting about this service. Parents may be more open to taking action when their kids prod them

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