And then Alexander Osterwalder took over the class…

The first week of class with Steve Blank did not disappoint. It was inspiring, terrifying, and most importantly fun. Some classic Blank quotes…

  • There’s no such thing as a 10 year start-up. That’s a 2 year start-up attached to an 8 year failure.
  • Engineers, you’re going to have to rely on GED, ‘Good Enough Data’.
  • Steve: ‘What’s the source of the numbers?’ Student: ‘I think it was PUMA data, pulled it out of my @$$’

Anyway, the best part of class happens about halfway through when some random guy in the back of the room starts heckling Steve about his lack of knowledge regarding business models. They get into a short argument and Steve asks the guy who he thinks he is. Turns out the guy thinks he is Alexander Osterwalder, or rather, he is Alexander Osterwalder: the guy who invented the business model canvass and wrote this book. Every start-up in the bay area is using that canvas and we got to learn from the guy who wrote it.

This is one of those days where I’m particularly happy with my Berkeley MBA.

Now off for week one and talking to at least 10 customers.


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